This programme started in 2013 is to maintain true bulldog type in a mini version. The programme will be run with strict guidelines to benefit the breed and its progress.

The books are opened to serious breeders that have plenty of knowledge and understanding of bulldogs.


All puppies will come with there registration papers Issued by South Land Bulldogs.

Puppies registered through the programme will be pricecd accordingly to type, quality and strength of each individual puppy.

They will be either registered as Pet Only, Limited Register, or Mains Registered.

  • Pet Only – Will be puppies with long tails and possible erect ears.
  • Limited Register – Will be true to type of the breed quality puppies will be Limited Registered until breed is established.
  • Mains Register – Will be limited registered puppies upgraded once registery is open to the public.

Pricing from $2,500.00 to $3,200.00 depending on quality of each puppy, puppies will be priced individually.


  • Smooth coated, thickset, small powerful build, sound and very active.
  • Ears must be down not erect.
  • Tails all type of tails preferably loose cork screws and crank handle tails, long tails permissible but not desirable.
  • They come in all colours from Red, Fawn, Whites and all shades of Brindle in solid or pied mixes of all these colours. and
  • Height is not to exceed 16 inches. There is no weight limit but the dog should at all times be balanced.

Freight will be an added cost, all puppies will travel in brand new PP40 or PP20 crates they will fly with Dogtainers.

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